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4525 Stauffer Ave SE, Kentwood, MI 49508
phone: (616) 827-0100
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Updated 06/06/2006

Referrals Exercise Programs Guests Checking In Lockers
Towels Address/Phone Changes Proper Attire Etiquette  

New Member Referral Program

For every new member you refer who joins the club (1 year membership) you will a $25 gift certificate.
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Exercise Programs

Personal health coaches are available to show you how to use any equipment you may be unfamiliar with, or to set you up with a complete exercise and nutrition program.  If you need help just ask -- we are here to help you reach your goals!
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Guests are welcome for a guest fee of $7.00.  We also have a 10 visit guest pass available for $60.  First time visitors who live in the area are welcome to one complimentary trial visit.  Guest passes are also available.
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Checking In

When you enter the club please swipe your membership card through the card scanner.  This will help ensure that only members and their guests enter the club, and also enables us to keep accurate records of club usage.
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All personal items (gym bags, extra clothing, etc.) must be stored in a locker.  Daily lockers are available to all members.  We suggest that you use a lock.  Please remove your property and lock when you leave the facility.  Check with a staff member for permanent locker rental rates and availability.
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Please bring your own towel for showers and to wipe off your perspiration from the equipment you use.  Towels are available to upon request.
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Address/Phone Number Changes

If your address or telephone number changes please inform a staff member so we may make the appropriate changes to our records.
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Proper Attire

Please wear clean and proper gym attire at all times.  Shirts and training shoes are required -- no work boots are allowed.  Dress belts or clothing with anything sharp that might tear the upholstery should not be worn.
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Weight Training Etiquette

Please be considerate and courteous to others by following these guidelines:
  • Return all weights and accessories to their proper location when finished using them.
  • Free weights are not allowed outside the designated areas.
  • Abusive use of equipment is not permitted (weight slamming or dropping, standing on benches, etc.)
  • Chalk powder and rosin bags are not allowed.
  • Personal items (bags) must be stored in lockers.
  • Absolutely no foul, loud, or slanderous language is permitted.

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The best way to maintain a clean and friendly atmosphere is with your cooperation.  By everyone working together we can have a great time achieving our personal fitness goals!

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